Why Similan Diving Trip Is So Popular Amongst Tourists?

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The famous Similan Islands, found amongst the Andamans, is one of the most delectable and beautiful sites to go on a Similan diving trip. And why? We tell you why out here. Please read on and be well-informed:

Rich marine life

The islands are known to be the ‘rainforest of the sea,” and this is why divers have reported a rich marine life experience here, which will keep you dazzled for long. You get Kuhl stingrays, manta rays, and even eagle rays here, along with shovelnose rays. There are even different types of sharks to be seen here, such as the white and black-tipped reef sharks, the leopard sharks, and the whale sharks. It would be cool to take your photography gear and document all of this beauty.

Majestic coral reefs

You would be happy to see the coral reefs here when you are in Similan Islands. One of the best diving sites here would be the coral gardens, which have stunning coral reefs. You can dive up to 29m deep here, so you need to be deep dive certified for the same. And there are other parts of these islands have noteworthy coral finds for you to check out, especially the tropical coral reefs, which snorkelers take a look at from the surface of the water.

Plenty of dive sites

When we talk of the Similan Islands, many dive sites are noteworthy to be praised. And each of them is beautiful for everyone out there. At some places, you can go down to a depth of 30m, while at other sites, it is only a few metres down. There is a range of diving sites, such as the coral gardens the Anita’s Reef. You also have the Honeymoon Bay and the Shark Fin Reef, Christmas Point and the famous Breakfast Bend, the East of Eden and the West of Eden, North Point and Koh Bon, Elephant Head Rock, and even Richelieu Rock.

Please note:

The sites mentioned above can and are split into many subsections. Some are in the south and the north, while others are in the centre and the outer Similan Islands. But each region is different from the other, unique in its way, and a must-see. There are strong currents on the southern sites, so lesser divers visit this site. But if you are an experienced PADI diver, you wouldn’t find this place challenging. However, do your research and decide which site would be the best diving site for your needs. Don’t get into untoward trouble by trying out the impossible. Diving is not something you should take lightly; it can be life-threatening also, if not done carefully or if you are an amateur and choose a site suitable for professionals. You can always get in touch with us, do a Beginners or a Refresher course and get rolling to scuba diving and have fun.

There are many more Similan liveaboard trips to check out, which we offer apart from what has been mentioned here.

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