Top 3 Findings of My life with the Psychedelic drug Ayahuasca

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The people in today’s world are constantly running against time. It is cold cash that counts today so that years down the line we need not worry about putting our next meal on the table. However, there are psychological and physical effects of the constant competition like ailments and depression or panic. Some people even foster inner injuries which don’t allow them to unlock themselves. The ayahuasca is a plant medicine which is made by the tribes of the Amazon for connecting with the nature and spirit world and opening up a whole new world of self exploration.

Other highlights

The ayahuasca plant prepared by the tribal shamans from banisteropsis caapi and the chacruna plant remained in use for centuries. But the medical benefits are now becoming path breakers in the modern world of medicine. It was no earlier than the year 1908 that it came into the limelight   by a group of Western researchers.  A botanist from Britain by the name of Richard Spruce made detailed observations of the medical effects of this plant brew and the consequent purging. His principle area of research was the herbal and plant ingredients of the brew and the tribal importance in the Amazon community. It reemerged in the Western culture in the late 1960s by some renowned writers who published best sellers about the promise of ayahuasca. The neuroscientists are treating this yage brew as a promising effective aid for mental issues like depression, anger, anxiety attacks and working through traumatic events. A life altering experience faced by Sean Illing is a prime and first hand example of how it creates better life conditions albeit with physical and psychological risks. Other than the chacruna plant, the charopanga can also be termed an important secondary component which contains DMT leading to trances and visionary states of consciousness.


According researches and observations made by Timothy Leary, a great deal of the inner working of the plant potion has come to light on a first hand  basis. However, do not make the mistake of thinking that it is a magical cure and your problems will vanish instantly after the intake. It is a slow and gradual, occasionally painful process with a lot of nausea, dizziness, diarrhea and hallucinations. However, on most occasions, people have reported feeling much refreshed and rejuvenated and putting themselves at rest mentally. A reliable Peru retreat is the best place to enjoy the ayahuasca experience as well as seeing the exotic Amazon locations. The price packages are different determined by the trip tenure and number of participants so change your life and go for it here.

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