Outstanding Beaches In Jersey

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The liberty state park is located around 130 miles off the Atlantic coast of New Jersey. A short boat journey will take tourists to Ellis Island, where the renowned immigration museum and the historic Statue of Liberty may be found. While travellers may not instantly think of New Jersey when considering the greatest beaches in Jersey, even in the world, the state does have several famous beaches that you may visit while on vacation there.

Bradley Beach

This beach, which is situated in just south of Asbury Park, is a little small, but it is more popular with families and seniors. The stone boardwalk adds a nice look, and the grill there can supply you with some little bites to keep you going. There is also a mini golf course to keep you occupied and provide you with additional alternatives. There is also plenty of parking. Overall, it’s a really calm area to be, and it’s a great option if you’re searching for a beach in northern New Jersey.

Ocean City

Ocean City, one of the distinctive beaches in Jersey, finds an astonishingly ideal mix between the old school and the touristic. The beach is bordered by a charming town where tourist attractions such as Playland’s Castaway Cove, Gillian’s Wonderland Pier, and the OC Water-park are popular with families and children. The beach is crowded, but it is also large, so you will have a wonderful time nonetheless.


Among all the beaches in Jersey the turquoise clear waters of this state’s natural beach will undoubtedly catch the eye, and the smooth, cold, well-maintained waterbed will entice anybody to dip their feet in it. The beach is visually appealing, but it may be too narrow for others. The beach also comes with a little yet charming village to visit afterwards.

Cape May

Out of all the beaches in New Jersey, this one had a distinct atmosphere and feel that was unlike anywhere else in the state. The beach is a considerable distance away, but once there, you will find it to be beautiful, clean, large, and with plenty of parking; in fact, it’s really wonderful. It had tree-lined Victorian-style residences, which added to the beach’s allure.


This is one of the northern New Jersey beaches, and it almost guarantees that you will have a good time here. When it’s almost dark and the sun is setting, sinking your feet in the cold sand is paradise. But there is no boardwalk here; instead, there is a little road that people use as a walkway to go to a shop that sells tacos, food, and beverages. There is also a little arcade for the tourists’ enjoyment. However, keep in mind that it may get busy during peak hours, so try not to go too far.

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