Georgia: A Small Country with Huge Tourism Boom: The Secret

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The number of foreigners visiting Georgia has seen a sharp increase over the past decade. In 2019, the country recorded an impressive 10,000,000 visitors. Just a decade ago, Georgia attracted a measly half a million visitors annually. The steady increment of visitors trooping to Georgia is therefore a testament of its attractiveness as a top tourist destination. Before the pandemic, the numbers were projected to rise even higher. The projection was for earnings from tourism to hit the 6 billion dollar mark by 2022.

The government has been spearheading a sustained campaign aimed at encouraging private investment in the sector. Positioning the country as the tourist destination of choice has been the aim of the campaign. The efforts by the government have paid off well, with the country earning top status as one of the top tourist destinations.

But what is the secret to this success? Read on to find out.

Government Efforts

Government policies have played a pivotal role in the success of the tourism sector in Georgia. Massive investment has come in thanks to attractive incentives offered by the Georgian government. The resident program is especially popular with many foreigners.

The tax regime in the country is very friendly to investors. In Georgia, foreigners do not pay taxes on income not earned in the country. In addition, the tax on the sale of a property is 5% which is low compared to other European countries. It is these incentives and heavy marketing that are continuously attracting foreigners into the country.

International brands have camped here, offering first-class services in the hospitality industry. Still, others are in the developmental stage, like ibis Tbilisi International owned by businessman John Dodelande. These development projects strengthen the hope that, despite the pandemic, things are looking up and will be even better post-pandemic.

The handling of the pandemic by the authorities in Georgia is excellent; even though the lockdown has affected the tourism sector. With the vaccination program, there is the hope of receiving massive tourist numbers once again.

Beautiful Sites to See

Marketing Georgia to the world is easy because there are so many things to see and experience. From the beautiful cities to the seaside beaches at Batumi, the hot spring and sulfur baths. The location of Georgia is so unique because it connects both the European and Asian continents. It is known as one of the oldest to accept Christianity which is evident in the magnificent churches now in ruins but beautiful nonetheless. Formerly a member of the Soviet republic, Georgia is the birthplace of Joseph Stalin. A monument in his honor stands majestically to date.

Did you know that Europe’s highest village is found in Georgia? The country has some of the highest snow peaks for those who love climbing and many trails to enjoy as you take in the natural landscape. Ski resorts are plenty on these mountains and plenty of first-class accommodation. But the towns have managed to maintain their mystique and beauty.

Tbilisi is home to a third of the population and is very modern, but the old town Tbilisi has maintained the byzantine look. The bright colors adorning the roofs, balconied houses and the winding roads are a sight to behold. But the best is the Narikala fortress overlooking the town. If you want to enjoy European style coffee at a cafe or explore the ancient village all within the same city, Tbilisi is the place to visit.

Georgia is also known as the first place ever where wine was made. During autumn, you will enjoy the grape harvest, and many winepresses give tours and have restaurants for you to enjoy. Don’t forget the Georgian cuisine and hospitality. They say that every guest comes from God.

These are just a few of the sites that are attracting tourists. Many more heritage sites await you when you visit this beautiful country. The accommodation is top-notch, and the road to some of the sites is an experience itself.

In Summary

The secret behind the tourism boom in Georgia is the cooperation between the government and the private sector. This cooperation has led to the development of necessary infrastructure for tourism growth. Of course, the picturesque landscape and heritage sites play a huge role as well.

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