The 5 best spots to experience wildlife in Western Australia

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Western Australia, a destination where the land mass is long and beautiful, where the coast lines showcase stunning blue hues which are complimented either by white sand or earthy desert and where wildlife thrive in their own natural habitats both on the land and in the sea. If you are hanging out for the ultimate wildlife experience, then Western Australia is the place to go.

Western Australia is the largest state of the country and perhaps it’s large size has given it an advantage as to why it’s one of the best states to experience wildlife. What you can experience at the top of the state compared to the bottom can be completely different due to the different climates. Let’s dive into 5 of the best spots to experience wildlife here in Western Australia.

1.   Whale Watching, Bremer Bay

Free Willy, a movie that captured the hearts of many around the world and sparked dreams of seeing Killer Whales in the wild. In 2015 a company named Naturaliste Charters discovered that they could indeed make these dreams come true so proceeded to set up an experience like no other. Bremer Canyon Killer Whale Expeditions depart from Bremer Bay, which is a small coastal town approximately a 1.5 hour drive from Albany. It is the only location in the country where you can join an expedition specifically to see Killer Whales (Orca). The season runs from January – April each year with trips departing daily (weather permitting). The other marine life you may encounter on your expedition includes pilot whales, sperm whales, beaked whales, sea lions, large squid, oceanic sunfish, dolphins, sharks, pelagic birds and more! Many people have often referred to this experience as like living a day in a National Geographic episode, it comes highly rated and is a must do! It is a full day expedition with a fully qualified Marine Biologist on board providing a full interpretation. Join them on an exciting adventure, whale watching in Bremer Bay!

2.   Kangaroos in Lucky Bay, Esperance

Remember the blue hues and white sand I mentioned, well Lucky Bay is one of the best beaches in Australia to witness this. Not only does this place have stunning turquoise waters and soft white sand, it also has Kangaroos that love to chill out at the beach too! There is a congregation of kangaroos that have decided to call this piece of paradise home. You can often see the bouncing beauties chilling on the sand or in the surrounding bushland. Lucky Bay is a part of the Cape Le Grand National Park, it is approximately a 45-minute drive from Esperance. As kangaroo’s are nocturnal animals the best time to see them is either dusk or dawn. There is a camping ground nearby (which can be booked through the Department of Parks and Wildlife) so why not make a weekend of this one-of-a-kind destination and bring your camping gear for a weekend you will be sure to remember for a long time.

3.   Reptiles in Carbunup

Can you really say you have been to Australia (or you are Australian) if you haven’t seen a snake? Discover Deadly can help you tick that off the list. Discover Deadly is based in the picturesque Margaret River region and is a wildlife sanctuary home to over 30 different reptile species. You can find snakes, turtles, dragons, crocodiles, geckos, lizards and more. Discover Deadly has an amazing team who are passionate about caring for reptile species and providing accurate information about the types of species you can encounter here in Western Australia. There is a chance you may be able to hold a snake and get that perfect Instagram image, but regardless you will walk away feeling educated and inspired with a new appreciation of these incredible species.

4.   Swim with whale sharks in Ningaloo

How does swimming with the largest fish in the world sound… Whale Sharks have no interest in eating people so don’t be put off by their name. Whale Sharks are large, gentle and gracious fish that migrate through the Ningaloo Reef each year from March to August. There are several companies who offer whale shark swimming experiences, they are mainly based out of Exmouth which is where your swimming adventure will start. The whale shark industry is full of passionate, excited and buzzing professionals, no matter which company you choose you will be sure to have an amazing experience. Plus remember it won’t just be the whale sharks you will encounter, you will have chances of seeing humpback whales who are on their annual migration, turtles, manta rays, dugongs and more.

5.   Birdlife in Wellington National Park

The Wellington National Park based near Collie is so special that West Australians Premier Mark Mcgowan has just recently announced that the park will be expanded by a further 7,000 hectares, bringing the park total to a massive 25,000 hectares which is amazing. This national park consists of Western Australia’s unique jarrah, marri and yarri (blackbutt) forests and the iconic Collie River. The wildlife that can be sighted here consists of more than 70 species of bird life, most which can be sighted at the Wellington Dam. Not only can you sight a large variety of birds but there are other unique species which include chuditch, quenda, quokka, brushtail possum, woylie and western ringtail possums. Immerse yourself in nature, enjoy a swim at the Honeymoon pools, see how many different species of birds you can count on one of the popular walking trails or for the more extreme take advantage of one of the mountain bike trails.

So which wildlife experience will you choose?

These 5 experiences are just a small handful of what can be done and seen here in Western Australia. From whale watching Western Australia and swimming with the largest fish in the world, listening to harmonising bird songs in the Wellington National park, holding a slithering friend in Carbunup, to witnessing Killer Whales thrive and hunt in Bremer Bay we hope that these suggestions provide you with enough inspiration to get out and explore this amazing state of Australia.

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